Interior painting Portland Alphabet District 97229

High end interior painting

This interior paint project consisted of extensive wall repairs due to settling of the building, extra protection of delicate flooring, and a  modern paint color scheme.

Many condominium interior painting projects first start with repairing the walls.  Most condos in Portland have smooth walls instead of the orange peel texture common on interiors of homes across Portland.  In order to make smooth walls look their best it requires many skim coats of “mud”, which is commonly called “hot mud” or joint compound.  As these high end condos age the sheetrock inside of these units start to show there age.  Some typical failures that begin to be apparent are drywall tape failures, “nail pops”, and of course repairs that previous condo owners have not completed properly.  In this particular project all failures were showing through the walls.  As you can see in the pictures below it took many coats to skim the walls to assure that the paint failures did not show up.  Our pro interior painters use blue tape to keep a road map of where we have skimmed or filled the imperfections.  Most homeowners think of blue taping a project at completion for painters to touch-up.  By creating our road map during our interior wall prep we are assured that nothing is missed.

spot priming interior wall blue tape level 5 finish road map

At the request of the owner we continued to sand walls and ceilings to a level five wall finish.  Many condominium buildings in Portland only go as far as a level four finish.

 What is a Level 5 wall finish?

Level 5 drywall finish is the smoothest wall you have ever seen or better yet put your hands on.  In order to achieve this amazing finish it requires multiple wall sanding to the smooth finish.  After every coat of paint our pro painters will go over the walls with 180 grit sandpaper to knock any debris or chunks off of the wall.  Quite the tedious process, but the results are amazing.  Don’t expect this kind of wall finish to come cheap.  You can expect to pay an extra $2k to $4k for a level 5 finish, depending on the size of your condo.

  • First skim coat of imperfections
  • second coat of drywall mud over fireplace
  • primer and drywall mud over fireplace
  • level 5 drywall finish over fireplace

When we paint the interior of historic or renovated properties the wood built-ins are sometimes the focal areas of the new home.  Many times we will need to dismantle the built-in to paint all of the doors and drawers.  This way we can declutter our job site and the crew can continue working on the level 5 wall finish.   While our shop  is busy prepping and painting the doors and drawers, the rest of the crew can continue with the interior wall and ceiling painting.  After oil priming all surfaces of the built in we  spray two coats of Sherwin-Williams ProClassic acrylic enamel trim and door paint to give the built-ins new life and luster.

Remember that quality interior painting takes time.  If you are on a budget plan for portions of your project instead of the entire project at once.  If you have just a small interior painting project check out our small project page