Interior painting at 1011 N Killingsworth Ave.

We have painted multiple units at the historic telephone exchange building on N Killingsworth.  Right next to PCC these units offer a unique living experience that will not disappoint.  Each unit has a different floor plan, but each is around 600 sq. ft with vaulted ceilings, exposed brick and concrete, nooks, crannies, large metal windows, spiral staircases, and that historic Portland feel.

The owner has requested that these units get updated to a more modern color scheme.  This has been a black and white color scheme.  We have been using Sherwin-Williams colors throughout the project.  Pure White SW 7005 has been the color used on walls and ceilings and Tricorn Black SW 6258 has been the trims, window, and beam colors throughout the units.  We have been using Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 0 VOC low sheen on walls and ceilings.  Spiral stair cases, baseboards, windows, doors and trims all have been painted using Sherwin-Williams SherCryl in semi-gloss sheen.

Modern paint scheme at telex building portland

These units have all had numerous long term renters many for over 10 years.  This means that little to no maintenance has been done to clean walls, ceilings, and trims.  In order to prepare the surfaces properly we have been using a non-rinse TSP (trim-sodium phosphate) to wipe all surfaces prior to starting our work.  All trims and and doors get a good scuff sand to de-gloss any existing sheen.  Because oil paint was used on woodwork on the last paint job, we have been oil priming all woodwork prior applying the SherCryl.

On this particular unit we were asked to refinish the old wood floors.  Although, not advertised we do offer this service.  We own a square floor buffer sander that can remove existing varnish from floors.  Due to many years of wear and tear there was not much remaining finish on these hardwood floors.  There was heavy black stains on the floor near the front door and the kitchen from extensive foot traffic.   In order to get the existing finish and the black stain off we started with 60 grit, then 80 grit, then completed with 120 grit sandpaper to leave the desired finish.  We then applied a sanding sealer.  We used a buffer pad to knock down the sealer and applied two coats of water based satin finish.  Typically, we apply three coats of floor finish, but due to tenant move-in and satisfied with the look the owner elected to just have two coats applied.

Another service requested by the owner was painting cabinet boxes using conversion varnish.  There are new doors getting built and painted to match the conversion varnish we will be applying to the boxes on site.  Conversion varnish is a great coating that allows for the most durable finish.  Once hardened conversion varnish will provide the most scrubbable finish possible.  Of course, with its extremely durable finish comes some challenges.  Because it is a two part coating system it requires a catalyst that must be portioned properly to allow for proper curing of the coating.  Also, because of it’s viscosity the spray tip must be the proper size.  Conversion varnish is not for the inexperienced or DIY painter, due to the unique characteristics of it.  Xylene is typically the proper cleaning solvent that is used to clean our equipment, which is a pretty nasty chemical as well.  Both conversion varnish and Xylene have very high VOC counts as well as quite smelly.  If you would like a quote on using conversion varnish on your kitchen cabinets we will be happy to provide one.  Just know that you will probably need to take a one to two night vacate of your home.

In summary this complete project took just over seven days to complete with two painters.  The wall and trim painting was completed for around $7,000, the floor refinish was $2,000, and the conversion varnish painting on the cabinets was $1,300.

  • picture of kitchen before painting and floor refinish
  • Masking walls to paint staircase, railings, and trims black
  • Masking of cabinets to apply conversion varnish
  • A modern condo
  • white walls and black trims