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Cabinet Painting

Painted kitchen cabinets have become increasingly popular for homeowners as well as updating homes for sale in Portland Oregon. Painting kitchen cabinets is a quick and relatively low cost  method to increase the value of your home, typically in less than a week. Many Portland homes for sale that were built in the 80’s and 90’s have oak cabinets in them. A very popular home design for the kitchen cabinets in those years. In the last 10 years we have seen a dramatic increase in antique white kitchen cabinets and bright white cabinets. More recently, in the last five years we have added the kitchen island painting with a gray paint color to the mix.

It is well known that a small investment in a kitchen remodel will increase your Portland real estate price substantially. If you are looking to add your home to the list of Portland Oregon homes for sale take a look at your cabinets and evaluate what the under $10,000 investment of painting them will add to your final sale.


We are frequently asked how much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets?

Prices really vary based on a number of items.  If you have currently natural wood cabinets there are two approaches we can take.  Using primer and paint to apply or conversion varnish.  Applying primer and paint requires multiple steps that will cost you more.  With conversion varnish we are able to skip the primer portion of the project, thus reducing a spray and sanding step.  If you have heavy wood grain and would like to not see it, you will have to go the primer paint method.  If you don’t mind the grain or have smooth cabinets you can go the conversion varnish route.

Don’t let the national websites get your hopes up on cabinet painting pricing.  Painting cabinets requires many man hours and expertise.  Expect to pay anywhere from $4,500 to $10,000 for a pro to prep and paint your kitchen cabinets properly.  As a guide a typical 2000 sq. ft home would be in the $4,500 range if you have flat and simple cabinets.  A 4000 sq. ft. home with island typically has a much larger kitchen which would lean towards the $10,000 range.  If your cabinet doors and boxes have intricacies the price will increase as well.

How many kitchen cabinet doors and drawers are in your kitchen?

Because the process of painting kitchen cabinets in a small kitchen is the same as a large kitchen the smaller the kitchen the more the project will cost. In order to prep you kitchen cabinets properly we go through the same steps of sanding, priming, painting, masking, and cleanup no matter the size of your kitchen.

Do you have stained cabinets that you would like painted?

Painting stained kitchen cabinets is done by abrading the surfaces of your doors, drawers, and cabinet boxes, wiping them all clean, and applying a bonding oil primer to promote strong adhesion between your cabinets and the new paint we will be applying in our next steps.

Is the wood grain apparent? Would you like the wood grain to disappear?

With so many of the homes built for twenty years having the golden oak kitchen cabinets in them we understand your reasoning for wanting them to go away. With many of these cabinets we see a heavy grain on them. In order to make this grain go away we have to apply a heavy coat of a high building oil based primer to start the process. After we have sanded our primer we begin our red Bondo work. The red Bondo gets sanded down, re-filled, and sanded again. The sanding doesn’t stop there but you probably get the idea. Now time this by the surface space of your kitchen cabinets and you can begin to factor costs for professional cabinet painting and the time it might take a DIY to tackle the project.

Will you be purchasing new cabinet hardware? If so, will the new hardware match the holes currently or will we need to fill the holes and drill new ones?

Since you are updating the kitchen looks you might as well update those old cabinet and drawer pulls while we are at it. We can fill these holes and make them disappear during our prepping process. You are not stuck with the single or double cabinet hardware holes. J

Are your cabinets stained and you would like them to be darker?

So maybe you like the look of your golden oak cabinets, you just don’t like the color. Painting Oregon has you covered. We use an HVLP sprayer, stain, and conversion varnish to give your cabinets the color you have dreamed of while still seeing that beautiful grain. We can match your kitchen cabinets to your new hardwood flooring or bannister.

Did you buy ikea cabinets and want them a different color?

IKEA kitchens are very in right now and why not? They are easy to assemble and install and they fit into the modern kitchen cabinets genre. If you haven’t yet installed the cabinets we can paint pieces on site or in our shop to the color you would like.

Was your home built prior to 1978 and your kitchen cabinets and built ins have lots of layers of paint on them?

When this is the case we typically recommend stripping cabinets to remove all of those built up layers. When this occurs we take the doors and drawers off site to a select vendor to have them remove all layers. Price on this service varies on the number of layers of paint on your cabinets doors and drawers. Keep in mind that once this paint is removed from your cabinet doors they will not close the same again. The reason being, is that your hinges have become used to opening and closing with the layers of paint on them. Be prepared for additional expenses for hanging kitchen cabinet doors after this process.

 How long does it take to paint kitchen cabinets?

Again, based on the size of the project the time it requires to prepare and paint your kitchen cabinets can vary. We can safely say that your project will take more than two days and not more than 10 days…


My whole kitchen is getting remodeled, when should I have my kitchen cabinets, walls, and ceilings painted?

This varies from customer to customer. If you are paying a general contractor to help you with your project you can simply ask them, and they will coordinate the subcontractors. If you are acting as a Homeowner general then pay close attention. Your new quartz, marble, or acrylic counters and new floors should be installed first. Why first? Although, these professionals are very careful we have found that new slab counters can wreak havoc on painted cabinets. The pressure applied when these heavy pieces of stone are laid down on your existing cabinets can split seams in blink. Painting Oregon can take your doors and drawers to our shop to begin the prep and painting while the other trades are working in your new modern kitchen. Once your flooring and counters are installed we will return to begin prepping and painting the cabinet boxes, walls, and ceilings of your newly remodeled kitchen.

How Much does it Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinet doors can range from $40 to $190 per door

Cabinet drawers can range from $15 to $110 per drawer

Cabinet Boxes that are only getting painted on the outside can range from $900 up to $5,000

So lets take the kitchen pictures below as an example and come up with a cost of painting these kitchen cabinets.

The grain on these oak cabinets will be getting filled prior to painting them white.  The insides of the boxes are not being painted.

Doors (some small doors are counted 2 for 1)=16 Doors X $140=$2,240
Drawer’s =18 Drawers X $55=$990
Cabinet Boxes and island=$2,590
Total cost is $5,820 for these painted kitchen cabinets.

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