• a few specific questions about stains/staining

    Recently I was asked by a fellow contractor about staining of woodwork. I thought it would be helpful to show my responses. Thank you for the email and questions. Every contractor has their own favorites and “best” way of doing things. The best advice is to utilize the tools and equipment you have to make […]

  • Should I pressure wash my house to keep it clean?

    Clean that winter dust and dirt from your home Washing the exterior of your house can be time consuming and difficult. I don’t know about you but the exterior of my house has a layer of dirt and grime now that Snowpocalypse of 2017 has ended here in the northwest. My driveway and sidewalk have […]

  • Portland lead paint projects and Consulting

    For over eight years Painting Oregon has been prepping and painting existing lead paint projects. Before being licensed was a state federal requirement Painting Oregon was a certified lead paint contractor in Oregon. We have learned a lot about applying the right products, and investigating causes of previous paint failures. As a company we have completed over […]

  • 10 ways to Prepare your house for sale in Portland

    Selling your home can be a very stressful time and it can completely overwhelm the unsuspecting home owner.  Having just went through the process as well as working with many customers to prepare their house to sell we have learned a lot of things.  We have created a list of 10 ways that you can […]

  • three story exterior painting in milwaukie oregon

    Exterior Painters in Milwaukie Oregon

    This project on Clackamas River Drive was one of Painting Oregon’s largest residential projects of 2015. This kind of large project is one that will separate small painting contractors and large paint contractors. When Brad arrived to estimate the project it was very clear that the owner had a clear vision of paint colors and […]

  • exterior home needing some paint

    Exterior painters in Happy Valley, OR 97086

    Can you paint an exterior in November in Portland? In 2015 the answer is Yes! We got a stretch of dry cold weather over the Thanksgiving weekend this year and Painting Oregon took full advantage of it. This fiber cement siding home had extensive caulking failures in the usual areas on Hardie plank siding. Butt […]

  • Exterior paint color scheme from SwatchDeck

    Exterior painters in Carlton 97111

    November 30th, 2015 Pesticides and paint don’t work well together This exterior paint project was unique due to the circumstances for it needing to be painted. The homeowner called Painting Oregon because she had recently had an exterminator company come out and the chemicals they had used discolored her shingles and fiber cement siding.   […]

  • Six tips for winter exterior house painting

    November 27th, 2015 “Can you paint the exterior of our home in the winter?” is a very common question in Portland this time of the year. The answer is “Yes”, but the following six conditions must be present as well as no precipitation in the air. Some might ask why not wait till spring or […]

  • Residential exterior painting contractors in Portland 97007

    This cedar sided house was in dire need of some attention when Painting Oregon arrived to begin power washing and painting. During the estimate we had spotted numerous areas of dry rot around window trims.  A few areas where siding met cornerboards were showing dry rot as well.   We also noted extensive caulking failures […]

  • bathroom paint peeling off in sheets

    why is my bathroom paint peeling off in sheets

    It’s quite often we see a bathroom painting project that was not completed properly.  Sometimes these very small spaces take more time than any other room in your home.  Bathrooms have many different types of climates throughout the day, and thus need special attention to assure that mold, mildew, and paint failures don’t appear.  If you […]

  • SwatchDeck iphone and ipad app for paint and decorating contractors

    Keeping track of paint colors

    We created SwatchDeck to keep track of the paint colors that we used on projects. You can download SwatchDeck for free on the Apple app store to keep track of the paint and materials that you are using on your own projects. What was once a very simple yet quite often overlooked documentation process is […]

  • Spray and back roll paint

    brush and roll vs spray painting

    What is better for exterior painting in Portland? Spraying paint or applying paint using a brush and roller.  We get asked this question a lot from our potential customers.  There are advantage and disadvantages to both applications.  We explain more below. Spraying paint only Advantages Faster application (when hiring a professional your quote is based […]

  • High end interior painting

    Interior painting Portland Alphabet District 97229

    This interior paint project consisted of extensive wall repairs due to settling of the building, extra protection of delicate flooring, and a  modern paint color scheme. Many condominium interior painting projects first start with repairing the walls.  Most condos in Portland have smooth walls instead of the orange peel texture common on interiors of homes […]

  • where to recycle paint

    What do I do with my leftover paint colors

    Painting contractors consistently have extra paint left overs from jobs. Most times we will leave the paint with our customer, but there are many times that the customer does not want the extra paint. After this happens over and over again we begin to pile up a lot of extra paint colors. As painters we […]

  • primer and drywall mud over fireplace

    Small Painting Project in Portland

    No need for a Quote, just schedule and we show up and take care of your project!! Are you only wanting to have one room painted in your home and having an impossible time getting a painter out to estimate your small paint project?  Sometimes the time to quote a small living room paint project […]

  • Hiring Enough Painters

    As a painting contractor one of the scariest times in our year is when we are unsure if we can keep our trained and loyal painters around.  Every year around the holidays I get the same feeling.  But, I figure it’s gotta just be the holidays.  Well, on the other end of the spectrum is […]

  • Pinterest

    Share your projects and paint colors to Pinterest

    Pinterest is a great design and decorating idea exploring application. Many homeowners and professional designers use the site to create inspiration boards of great paint color and decorating ideas that they will reference to when their project begins. Because of the visual experience of the app, it only makes sense that professional paint and decorating contractors […]

  • exterior estimate checklist

    Preparing for your exterior paint estimate

    “It’s all in the Prep” for your Exterior paint estimate appointment Getting an estimate for any type of construction project can be a daunting task.  If you have never hired a professional contractor before, the bidding and estimating process can be very overwhelming.  From making phone calls or emails, scheduling contractors to come and view your […]

  • fiber cement "hardie" house painting

    How can I cut costs on my paint estimate?

    What is a line item estimate? Line items are a good way to break up the cost of your interior and exterior painting projects. This a-la-carte pricing is a great way to see how different portions of your project will impact the total cost. Let your estimator know before you do a walk around about […]

  • exterior estimate checklist

    How to prepare for your interior painting estimate

    “It’s all in the Prep” for your interior paint estimate appointment Getting an estimate for any type of construction project can be a daunting task. From making phone calls or emails, scheduling contractors to come and view your project, to actually receiving the quotes….it’s a lot of work. This is why we have created this […]

  • Ballpark Exterior Painting Prices Portland OR

    We are frequently asked for a ballpark price on exterior painting projects in Portland.  We have gathered a good range of ballpark paint pricing in Portland.  The larger the home the higher the cost to paint.  Although, size is not really a consideration on older homes with lots of prep.  Our painting quotes are created based […]

  • Paint delivery truck

    Paint Delivery Portland Oregon

    Did you know that paint can be delivered to your home just like a pizza? Although it is not advertised many major paint retailers offer free paint delivery to customers homes.  At Painting Oregon we utilize this service to cut down on time in the truck fetching new paint colors, or other painting items.  Yes, […]

  • When Can I Expect My Estimate?

    When can I expect to see my paint estimate? At Painting Oregon we strive to deliver your estimate within 24 hours of your paint estimate appointment. Many times your project will have many different factors that need to be researched prior to providing a total cost of your project. Our estimators usually have four to […]

  • lifetime warranty exterior paint

    Lifetime Warranty House Paint

    Paint manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty on their exterior paint? What does the warranty cover?  What is the fine print? The paint manufacturers are creating some amazing paint and coating products. The new lifetime warranty paints are somewhat misleading. The manufacturers will typically warranty their products for the life that you, the purchaser is […]

  • Slack

    Customer Communication: The Painting Oregon Inc. Difference

    At Painting Oregon Inc we are constantly striving to improve our systems and processes to make our customers lives easier.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  One of our biggest challenges in the paint and construction business is keeping track of communications from customers, team members, suppliers, and estimators in one central location.  Our […]

  • historic painting project in hillsboro oregon

    House & Commercial Painting Contractors Hillsboro, Oregon-OR, House Painters, Exterior House Painters

    This home was quite a treat for the crew.  What looks like a simple craftsmen in the front takes on a whole new life as you enter the backyard…little would you know that an even larger home is behind the other.  The crew had their hands full of peeling paint, failed caulking, and fine detailed […]

  • House for sale

    Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

    Are you trying to improve the curb appeal of your home prior to listing it for sale in Portland? Exterior painting and updating exterior house colors is one of lowest costing upgrades to increase the curb appeal of your home.  At Painting Oregon we will take the time to provide the seller with a detailed quote, a […]

  • Solid body stain on NE Portland rake shake shingle

    When is Exterior Paint not the best solution

    We are frequently asked why we would recommend a stain instead of paint? Lets start by talking about the differences between stain and paint. The biggest difference is that stain will penetrate a surface, where as paint will build on top of the surface. There are many different types of stains that are intended for wood […]

  • Prepping an exterior for painting in portland or

    Cost to paint aluminum siding

    We were recently visited by our friends at Fresh Coat Painters at a painting contractor pro show and were informed that their company had called Painting Oregon,  and five other quality painting companies in Portland to get quotes to compare paint colors suggested, pricing, and delivery of estimates.  Unknown at the time that our potential customer requesting […]

  • Scissor lift painting at PDX airport

    Commercial Painting in Portland International Airport

    We were recently called by famous Mo’s Restaurants to come to their Portland International Airport (PDX) location to fix some cut in lines, roller lap marks, and other miscellaneous issues that occurred during the construction.  This was a treat for sure, we love their Clam Chowder, it was just to bad they were closed…next time […]

  • Happy 7th Birthday Painting Oregon!!

    Happy Birthday Painting Oregon!!! It was seven years ago today that Painting Oregon was started in Bend Oregon. How so much has changed. When I started I was literally painting one house at a time. Painting Oregon has now evolved to painting bridges, warehouses, retail, bars, restaurants, apartment and condominium complexes, water towers, and so […]

  • online paint ordering

    Emailing a Paint Order to the paint store

    Use SwatchDeck to avoid waiting for you paint order and email it to your local paint supplier.  Painting Oregon uses SwatchDeck mobile paint app to place all online paint orders to save time and reduce double or triple entry.  We order our paint through our local Benjamin Moore stores, Rodda Paint Stores, Sherwin-Williams Stores, and […]

  • How to prepare and paint ceilings like the pros

    When preparing to paint ceilings there are a number of methods that can be done to assure your wall paint looks great and is as easy as possible after you paint your ceilings.  In the following videos we will show you some tips to paint your ceilings that will make the job easier.  Or of […]

  • Office Painting at 4858 SW Scholls Ferry Rd. Portland 97228

      We painted this office space around two years ago to update the space for the professional consulting business.  Just recently we received a phone call to repaint the walls and ceiling tiles back to white.  This small 10 X 10 space took nearly 10 gallons of Sherwin-Williams ProBlock primer and Behr Paint Ultra premium […]

  • HOA Approved Paint Color Schemes

    SwatchDeck has your community paint color schemes and ideas covered no matter which paint manufacturer you decide to use for your HOA approved paint colors.  Watch this video to see how it works. We are pleased to have your HOA Homeowners association accepted color schemes included on SwatchDeck® mobile app for iPhone and iPad.  In order for your […]

  • What painters can expect on commercial painting projects

    I was recently asked about working for a specific general contractor which prompted this post. Before I start I must make it clear that all general contractors and companies are different and by doing your due diligence prior to submitting your painting bid you will relieve a whole lot of headaches should you win the […]

  • Jobs for House Painters in Portland Oregon

    If you are the painter we are looking for… You are described by your peers as very neat and clean, with an enthusiasm to learn new things.  Your positive attitude and high standard of quality is reflected on everything you do in your work and life. You will be responsible for prepping and painting interior […]

  • Paint your front porch and steps

    Walking surfaces on the front of your house take a beating from the wear and tear of Portland weather as well as the daily foot traffic.  With a quick pressure wash, a  gallon of acrylic paint porch and floor paint from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr paint, you can update the exterior house colors of your home […]

  • Home – Commercial and Residential Painting

    Commercial & Post 1978 Residential Painting Company Services for Portland Oregon Painting Oregon is a Portland, Oregon interior and exterior residential painting company as well as commercial painters. We have been prepping and painting your homes and businesses in Portland since April of 2008. The Painting Oregon concept and name arose from an idea that […]

  • Sealed Laps on Horizontal Siding

    Do you have sealed lap siding? If your home was built prior to 1960 and you have cedar lap siding chances are you do? What does it mean? Lap siding is meant to overlap each piece in order to allow air and moisture flow to occur.  There should be a small gap that should be between […]

  • How to prepare for a professional interior paint job

    Pre-paint Interior Checklist The following checklist will assist us in being able to complete our work quickly and cause as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. Call or email us prior to your paint job with any questions or concerns you may have. We will be glad to discuss them with you. If […]

  • Discover paint colors from your pictures

    In this video you are shown how to create a palette of paint colors from a picture.  SwatchDeck available on the app store for FREE takes a lot of the guess work out of matching paint colors from photos.  By snapping a photo or screen shot of a paint color, brick, tile, fabric or anything you want […]

  • What happens next

    Thank you so much for choosing Painting Oregon for your painting project.   Within 24 hours you will receive an invoice for deposit on your painting project through email.  Your deposit will secure your project on our schedule. We have created web forms for you to fill out to let us know your preferences on scheduling […]

  • How much does it cost to paint one bedroom

    How much does it cost to paint one bedroom? Great question, painting a standard 12 X 12 bedroom, walls and ceilings only will fall into our $500 “ODD” Jobs (One Day & Done) promotion. With ODD jobs you get one professional painter for eight full hours to paint a room, maybe two, touch-up trim, or any […]

  • How much does it cost to paint a small room?

      We frequently get asked what the average price of interior painting is in Portland.  The answer is not as simple as it sounds.  Price of your interior painting project is really dependent on a number of factors.  Labor is usually the largest expense when estimating a painting project.  Quality of paint, wall conditions, and […]

  • PDCA Expo 2015

    We are packing our Painting Oregon and SwatchDeck bags  to jet off to Charleston to learn from the paint industries top companies and speakers.  For the last two years we have had the opportunity to attend this great event.  Brad will be presenting a course on Thursday at 2pm.  The title is: Changing the Game: […]

  • New website

    We are working to finish our website today.  It was put online a little premature.  Thanks for your patience while we complete it.