Commercial Exterior Painting

Exterior commercial painting in Portland Oregon requires a lot of expertise and planning before your project even begins. Painting Oregon understands that it is imperative to minimize any disruptions to your homes or businesses during capital improvement projects.  Our team will work with your board members or staff to create a project schedule that will meet your goals, deadlines, and budget.  Painting Oregon uses the newest technology and software for exterior painting project management and  project scheduling.  We want to keep you informed during and throughout your commercial or HOA painting project.  Unique to Painting Oregon is our instant messaging portal that allows our commercial and HOA clients to recieve instant answers to questions as well as updates on their mobile phone, tablets, or computers from our professional team in the field.

Commercial Painting

Painting Oregon is the professional painter of choice for many clients in Portland.  With our knowledge of coatings, preparation, and scheduling you are assured that you are receiving the quality paint job you require to keep your building, office complex, or commercial plaza looking the way it should.    Painting Oregon understands that first impressions start with the exterior of your business.  At Painting Oregon do “what we say” and exceed your expectations every time.



A Home owners associations helps a housing community set standards and expectations of exterior house colors and upkeep.  These standards help to maintain the highest value of the homes in the community.  HOA members are responsible for making decisions for the entire community regarding the approved house colors, landscaping upkeep, and other exterior responsibilities. Painting Oregon offers a unique tool to help HOA board members with community exterior paint color schemes.  With SwatchDeck mobile app we can create a collection of colors that have been approved for a housing community to choose from.  After picking paint colors the selections can be emailed to the board for approval or to Painting Oregon for a final color all through one simple and easy to use app.


Property Management Company

Property management companies help the HOA members and community owners implement the standards and expectations set for the community.  Management companies are in charge of requesting paint quotes from professional painting companies.  This requires the management company and HOA board to create a painter job description and expectations for the paint projects timeline and minimum preparation requirements.


Painting Oregon

Job site safety is taken very seriously at Painting Oregon. Two weeks before your project begins we will supply you with a site-specific safety plan, MSDS’s, and a roster with pictures of Painting Oregon staff that will be working on your project.