Interior and Exterior Paint Pricing

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IMPORTANT: We will no longer be providing interior and exterior painting services to homes built prior to 1978.  See our blog post for more info.

We are frequently asked what the average cost of an exterior or interior house painting project is?  Its a tough question to answer given the many different types of homes and structures in Portland.  To give you a better idea of the cost of painting a house in Portland OR in 2015 we have created this page.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House Exterior in Portland OR

Before we get started on how much it will cost to paint a house in Portland it is important to point out the factors that will affect the pricing of your exterior painting project.

  1. The prep required on your home.  We use a 1 through 5 ranking system to assess the existing condition of your home.  A one means there is very minor prep and washing necessary, where a 5 would been seen as the NE Portland early 1900’s built home that hasn’t been painted for twenty years.  Sealed lap siding also falls under this level of prep.  To estimate the cost of your home look at the siding and eaves for paint failures.  If you have more than four or five areas of peeling on your home you will be looking at a prep factor of four to five.  If you have hardy plank siding and the butt joint caulking is failing you are probably looking at prep level of 1 to 2.  The sample prices provided below are assuming a prep level of 2.
  2. The height of your walls.  The taller your walls the longer it will take our team of paint professionals to reach the areas to prepare and paint them.  If your house is more than two stories tall or located on a hill expect that your painting cost will increase.
  3. Color scheme.  A home with window sashes that are a different color than the window trims or eaves a different color than the siding will require more time to paint which will increase the price .  Exterior house colors play an important role both for aesthetics and performance of your home.  Earth tones typically will keep there true color longer. Non earth tones like reds, yellows, and blues will typically fade faster and not cover very well increasing the quantity of paint needed.
  4. Staging.  How easy is it to access the areas around your home to be painted.  Do you have thorn bushes next to your home, large tree growing very close, or maybe a fence that makes ladder placement nearly impossible.  Do we need to bring out a man lift to access an area on your home?

You can use the measurements below to come up with a cost of painting a house in Portland.

  • Smaller ranch style homes ranging in size from 800 square feet to 1500 sq. ft. can vary in cost from $1,500-$3,750 all depending on the factors listed above.
  • The average two story home in Portland ranging in size from 1500 sq. ft. to 3,000 square feet can vary from $2,250 to $7,500 all depending on the factors mentioned above.
  • Larger homes in Portland ranging in size from 3000 sq. ft. to 4000 sq ft can vary in cost from $4,500 to $10,000 all depending on the factors listed above.
  • Homes larger than 4000 sq. ft. start at $6,000.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Home Interior in Portland OR

Just as with exterior painting there are multiple factors that affect the how much it cost.  Because every home is different we have based our pricing examples on a home that was built within five years of repainting with only minor prep.

When understanding the cost of your interior project these are the two biggest factors that will impact your pricing

Surface Prep.  There are a variety of areas in your home that will need surface prep before we begin painting.

      • Walls: prior to painting we will need to fill holes, sand smooth, and when necessary spray texture to match your walls.
      • Ceilings: typically there is not a lot of prep on ceilings but when we run into water stains or holes we will need to address these items prior to painting.
      • Trims, Baseboards, and Doors: These three items make up the bulk of hours of an interior painting project.  We will fill holes, caulk seams, and when necessary spray oil primer, prior to starting our painting work.

Protecting Surfaces.  We will always mask surfaces to protect from paint overspray and drips.  When your home is occupied and we must mask your personal belongings expect to pay more as we will have to spend extra time masking your items.  Kitchens are the hardest space in your home to give up do to construction.  Save yourself some money and book a hotel while the kitchen painting is happening.

Please note: the prices below are assuming that we are only painting one single room.  When we quote an entire home there are significant cost savings for having more done.

Painting one Small Bedroom 10′ X 12′ with 8′ high ceilings

      • Walls=$350
      • Ceilings=$80
      • Baseboards=$90
      • Door and Casing per side=$45
        • Total cost to paint one bedroom in Portland is $565

Medium Sized Room 12′ X 15′ with 8′ tall ceilings

      • Walls=$435
      • Ceilings=$130
      • Baseboards=$158
      • Door and casing per side=$45
        • Cost to paint an average living room is $768

Large sized room 15′ X 20′ with 8′ tall ceilings

      • Walls=$565
      • Ceilings=$205
      • Baseboards=$195
      • Door and casing per side=$45
        • Average cost to paint a large room in Portland Oregon is $1,010

If your ceilings are taller than eight feet you can expect the pricing to go up at the following rates:

        • 10′ ceilings will cost roughly 20% more than prices listed above.
        • 12′ ceilings will cost roughly 40% more than prices listed above
        • Ceilings higher than 12′ can cost as much as double the prices quoted above.

As you are looking at paint colors or new remodel ideas use SwatchDeck the mobile app created to keep track of the paint and materials used on your project today or in the future.  Free on the App store.