Cost to paint aluminum siding

Prepping an exterior for painting in portland or

We were recently visited by our friends at Fresh Coat Painters at a painting contractor pro show and were informed that their company had called Painting Oregon,  and five other quality painting companies in Portland to get quotes to compare paint colors suggested, pricing, and delivery of estimates.  Unknown at the time that our potential customer requesting the  quote was the salesperson from Fresh Coat Painters we provided him with the same quality and educational experience that we provide to all of our customers.


Because Painting Oregon is an open and transparent painting contractor we wanted to be able to share this information with our customers and competitors that are wondering what our pricing is on projects that are not covered on our pricing page.  We feel that being transparent with you at the start of the bidding process will save you time, and of course money.  Painting is not a simple trade where every contractor does the same work for the same price.  Comparing apples to apples on a painting project is a tough bout.   Most repaints have so many variables that its nearly impossible to give an exact pricing on any particular painting project without doing an onsite estimate.  Painting Oregon is striving to open up this closed door of pricing that has plagued the painting industry for so many years.  What’s the big secret?  Yes, as our slogan goes “It’s all in the Prep” is the single factor in pricing discrepancies.  The prep that is completed before the paint goes on your home or business will affect the price of exterior painting dramatically.

Typically the difference in your price from competing painting contractors will be the quality of prep your home will receive.   You might pay less this year for your paint job, but you may be paying again much sooner because of this decision.  Just remember when making your painting contractor decision that if all of your painters can apply paint at the same rate where do the differences of pricing come into play…..”It’s all in the Prep”.

So here it is the house and measurements of our competitor so you can better understand what costs go into this project.  Just click on the link below.

Bill’s Home had roughly 1960 square feet of aluminum siding that we would power wash prior to painting.  When painting aluminum siding it often will produce chalk after the power washing so we added a line item for fully priming the aluminum siding with Sherwin-Williams ProBlock primer to assure that our paint would stick to the siding.  Bill’s home had around 800 linear feet of trims and fascia boards that would need to be painted.  Bill also requested a line item to prep and paint the doors so we listed this separately from the home. Overall the home was in pretty good shape so we figured the home would probably take three to four days to paint the entire exterior.

The price to paint aluminum siding from Painting Oregon is $4,261.00


Estimates are always free, so is advice.  Painting Oregon is open 7 days a week for you exterior painting needs.