Emailing a Paint Order to the paint store

online paint ordering

Use SwatchDeck to avoid waiting for you paint order and email it to your local paint supplier.  Painting Oregon uses SwatchDeck mobile paint app to place all online paint orders to save time and reduce double or triple entry.  We order our paint through our local Benjamin Moore stores, Rodda Paint Stores, Sherwin-Williams Stores, and Miller Paint Stores. Watch this video below to see how we do it.

With SwatchDeck you only have to enter your paint colors in the app once  to be able to order and remember where colors will go in all of your projects.

Use these guidelines to make  emailing a paint order the most successful:

  1. Name your homes or projects by customer name and address including zip code.
  2. Save your favorite paint stores email addresses in your contacts.
  3. Use the search function to find the paint colors that  you, your customer, or client would like to use on the interior or exterior painting project.
  4. Open the SwatchEditor and add the important information to the notes area.  This would include the quality of paint, gallons of paint, and where the paint will go.  If you are ordering Behr Paint colors to a Benjamin Moore store it might also be helpful for this to be listed in the notes.
  5. Now simply tap on the share button on your project and email your paint order to your favorite paint store.

No more waiting in lines to order paint, no more waiting for paint to be mixed, and no more double entry.  Order your paint online and continue with your day.  It also helps that many of your local paint stores will deliver your paint to your home five days a week.