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Can you paint an exterior in November in Portland? In 2015 the answer is Yes! We got a stretch of dry cold weather over the Thanksgiving weekend this year and Painting Oregon took full advantage of it. This fiber cement siding home had extensive caulking failures in the usual areas on Hardie plank siding. Butt joints and corners boards required extensive cutting out and re-caulking. As with all fiber cement siding homes we used Sonneborne VLM 150 elastomeric caulking to allow the most expansion and contraction. Because we were painting in the colder temps we had to allow over 48 hours for the caulking to dry (cure). We also had our propane forced air propane heaters on the job to ensure that surface temperatures were where we wanted them to be.Caulking hardie plank

Because of the cold temps at night we asked he home owners if we could store the paint (unopened of course) in their home at night.

What happens when paint freezes?
If paint freezes you must allow it to fully thaw out. Typically, one or two nights of paint freezing will not ruin your paint although you are risking the chance. After multiple days/nights of paint freezing you run the chance that surfactants, colorants, and other paint parts will not be able to form back into its original formula. How do you know if your paint is bad? This is pretty easy to spot using two senses. Those senses are sight and smell. When paint has gone bad it will very often smell like ammonia. Paint in general has a distinct smell, so if it smells like anything other than paint your paint probably is no longer good. When you look at the paint and it appears to look like cottage cheese or is separated you likely have bad paint. If you are only doing a few touch-ups you might be able to scrape the side of the bucket to get enough to touch-up a very small area. But more than likely you will need to purchase another gallon of paint. Just remember to capture a photo of those paint can labels for safe keeping when it’s time to purchase your new paint. We created SwatchDeck for this exact task of capturing paint can labels. Watch how on this video HERE.

We started this project on November 24th, 2015 by power washing all surfaces and pre-rinsing the home using a earth friendly soap to clean the mildew of areas. Hardie plank or fiber cement siding in generally normally in good condition so we have a lighter wash that is needed for these homes (most of the time). We caulked the house on the 25th and returned on the 27th to start masking and painting.

We were able to complete the project on November 30th for a total of 5 working/painting days and one power washing day. We had estimated the project would take 6-7 days in total so we were spot on…even in the cold weather.  Home owners were very happy!

Products used on this Happy Valley exterior painting project:
Sonneborne VLM 150 elastomeric caulking
Sherwin-Williams Resilience satin paint

The cost to paint this 3400 sq. ft home was $6,100
The crew was made up of 2-3 painters on each day.
We started each day around 9:30am and ended the day around 3:00pm.

The paint color scheme:
Siding: a custom match of
Behr Marquee color Unpredictable Hue Grey MQ2-58 ES
Trim and fascia: Sherwin-Williams Super White
Doors: Sherwin-Williams Show Stopper 7588 (this color required three coats to cover).three coats of red on this front door

Exterior paint color scheme


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