Guarantees and Warranty on painting work

 Painting Oregon guarantees its work and materials will be free of material defects for three (3) years after completion of the project.  Painting Oregon further guarantees that products and materials used during project will be free of defects the following two (2) years after project completion.  This covers our customers for five years after the project is completed.

Just like when you make any other large purchase for your home, Painting Oregon offers extended warranty plans to assure you don’t have to repeat the same cost incurred today in the future.  Depending on the condition of your home we offer two extended maintenance plans.

We can further this warranty by five (5) years by offering an additional maintenance plan that will bring Painting Oregon staff back to your project yearly to wash and do an evaluation of any touch-ups needed.  This is a great way to get the most out of your paint job.  Much like an automobile, if you don’t do the routine maintenance on your home it will eventually cost you more and possibly require a new paint job much sooner that it should.

Post 1978 Extended Services:

Our guarantee of quality only can guarantee the work that Painting Oregon has completed on your home or project.  On homes that have had numerous repaints its hard to guarantee the work that the previous painters have done.  The simple matter of the fact is that the paint we put on your home is only as good as the bottom coat of paint or primer that is holding on to the substrate (surface).  Many times the bottom layers of paint or primer fail underneath the coats of paint that we apply.  This type of failure does not fall under our guarantee of quality.  Although, we will remove any paint that is feeling while we are present on your job, those layers that are not failing today very well could be failing next week.

We understand that this can be very disheartening for the homeowner that owns the pre 1978 home.  This is why we offer our extended lead warranty.  Because we know that the layers of paint underneath the coatings we applied today will more  than likely fail sooner than the new ones we offer a “Pre78 Warranty”.  For our customers that have homes built prior to 1978 (the year lead paint was banned from production) we offer a 10 year extended warranty and maintenance plan that brings us back yearly for touch-ups and washing throughout the following ten years for a discounted cost.  If you take the cost you spend today on your exterior painting project and divide it by 10 years you can realize the true savings.

Pre78 Extended Services

Painting Oregon understands that a home is usually the largest single investment of ones life and we are here to protect it.  With the proper maintenance of your exterior house paint we can make a promise that you will never pay more for a paint job again.

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