Happy 7th Birthday Painting Oregon!!

Happy Birthday Painting Oregon!!!

It was seven years ago today that Painting Oregon was started in Bend Oregon. How so much has changed. When I started I was literally painting one house at a time. Painting Oregon has now evolved to painting bridges, warehouses, retail, bars, restaurants, apartment and condominium complexes, water towers, and so much more. Throughout the seven years of our rapid growth we could not have done it without our amazing customers and our great team of professional painters.

Running a painting business is such an amazing experience that will give anyone true appreciation for all that goes into the final product. I feel that I have been very lucky to have a supportive and loving family that has supported my decisions no matter how crazy they have been. Painting Oregon truly has become something more than a simple house painting company and for that I am so proud and happy.

As we look to 2015 we will be working one very historic project. The new Sellwood Bridge in SE Portland area is ours to color up. This project was bid over three years ago and now has become the real deal. It’s very exciting to be in this situation. The experience that we will gain from this project will be invaluable as we look to the future to continue improving the look of Portland’s bridges.

Of course we have some very exciting residential and commercial projects coming up this year as well. Painting Oregon is unlike many painting companies in the Portland area. Born 2008 means we are hungry and want to learn all we can. When we started the company we were bidding on almost anything that we could get our eyes on. This still continues today (although with much more education).

We are the first painting company in the country to develop an app like SwatchDeck. Why did we create the app? Because as painting contractors our technology is mostly centered around the job site. We have never had a paint and decoratoing app like it. Emailing paint orders to the paint stores, sending paint information to customers, recalling past clients paint colors anywhere we go, and creating work orders for our team in the field are just some of the ways that SwatchDeck helps the Painting Oregon team daily. I’m pretty proud of this.

That’s it. Painting Oregon continues to grow in 2015 and we are all so excited. From the original business plan created in 2007 our goal of being the most transparent painting company in the state will continue. Our new website will continue to grow the knowledge base about our projects, pricing, and methods. Keep an eye on our blog for info about painting a bridge ☺

Cheers to all for a good 2015!