How can I cut costs on my paint estimate?

fiber cement "hardie" house painting

What is a line item estimate?

Line items are a good way to break up the cost of your interior and exterior painting projects. This a-la-carte pricing is a great way to see how different portions of your project will impact the total cost. Let your estimator know before you do a walk around about the line items you would like to have separated on your quote. When you receive your estimate you can click on the  items on the left of your quote and let our estimating software do the math for you.

If we are quoting your interior painting project we can create line items for painting trims, doors, baseboards, walls, ceilings, cabinets, or any other surface in your home that you would like to see individually quoted. It is very common to create a cost for painting walls and ceilings and then creating a line item for painting doors and trims. Some homeowners prefer to paint their own walls but don’t want to bother with painting the ceilings and trims. In this situation we would simply create three line items: painting your ceilings, painting trims and baseboards, and painting walls. Then you can click on the areas you would like to move forward with.

CLICK HERE for an example of an interior painting line item estimate for a living room.

If your project is an exterior there are many areas that we can create line items for. Some very common typically lower costing line items are painting or staining your deck or porch, painting metal or wrought iron railings, out buildings, detached garages, or painting concrete foundation using an elastomeric coating.

On older homes that have many details we are typically asked to create line items for some of the following areas:
• If your windows have storm windows on them we can create a line item to remove and replace them and prep and paint the windows beneath. Removing storm windows depending on the size of the window and whether or not it has been sealed with adhesive can add a cost of $150 to $250 per window. Add your windows up and you can see why it is nice to line item this cost out.
• Window sashes being painted a different color than your window trims is a time consuming process that requires a three step masking procedure. The cost for painting window sashes depending on the number of paint coats required can add $75 to $150 per window.
• Eaves or Soffits painted a different color than siding can also add a significant cost to your project. Typically, you can expect a $1,000 to $2,500 cost to paint your house this color scheme. The variance in cost is related to how many eaves and soffits your home has and how tall the walls of your home are.

Remember as we talk about HERE that the more line items you request the longer it will take our team of estimators to provide you with your paint estimate.

Prepare for your Interior Painting Estimate, create a project scope, and get the most from your estimate appointment.

Prepare for your Exterior Painting Estimate, create a project scope, and get the most from your estimate appointment.

We hope that this will help you to prepare for you estimate and receive the most complete and easy to understand quote as possible.

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