How much does it cost to paint a small room?


We frequently get asked what the average price of interior painting is in Portland.  The answer is not as simple as it sounds.  Price of your interior painting project is really dependent on a number of factors.  Labor is usually the largest expense when estimating a painting project.  Quality of paint, wall conditions, and the height of ceilings are all factors that will affect the price.  Here is an average price for painting a 10 X 12 room with 8ft ceilings and assuming there is very little wall or ceiling prep.

  • Walls=$350
    Door and Casing per side=$45
  • Total cost to paint one bedroom in Portland is $565


Its also very helpful to note that by adding more rooms to your paint project it will lower the price of each room overall. The time to estimate, schedule, communicate, set-up and clean a small interior room paint project is completed the same if it is one room or 10.

For our smaller room painting projects like a single room we offer our “ODD” (One Day & Done) Job special for $500 not including the paint.  This is a great way to get the odd jobs, touch-ups, or room painting projects taken care. No need for an estimate. Just click below to schedule the date you would like your project to start and we will take care of the rest.