Keeping track of paint colors

SwatchDeck iphone and ipad app for paint and decorating contractors

We created SwatchDeck to keep track of the paint colors that we used on projects. You can download SwatchDeck for free on the Apple app store to keep track of the paint and materials that you are using on your own projects.

What was once a very simple yet quite often overlooked documentation process is now done with ease for every single painting project. With over 35,000 paint colors from multiple paint manufacturers we are able to create paint color schemes with ease wherever we go. There are a number of ways to keep track of the paint colors used on projects. From taping color cards behind light switches, paint on stir sticks, or the more common act of storing your left over paints in the garage. All of these solutions can work but with SwatchDeck all of the information travels with you wherever you go. After you purchase your paint you can store the paint can label behind the color swatch to never forget again what paint color you used on your project.

SwatchDeck paint app takes it a step further and allows you to create digital swatches of any item you can take a picture or screen shot of. You can even create swatches of the color you just had custom made in the store.

Bottom line is that keeping track of the paint colors used on your projects only becomes something that is important when you need the information.  Most contractors and home owners simply go to the paint store, order paint colors, put them on the walls or ceilings and then store the paint in the garage.  Years later when touch-ups are need, home is listed for sale, or renters move out does it become important to remember what colors were used in which rooms.

If you take the time to document the colors from the start of your project, you will save many hours and frustrations later when you are trying to remember what paint colors were used in your rooms.  Another benefit of having your colors stored in your SwatchDeck account is that if your friends or family like your Behr paint colors you simply grab your phone or pad and share them over.  No need to dig through your garage to find anything.  keeping track of paint colors has never been this fun….did I say fun.  Well, maybe not fun exactly but it can be if you create swatches of your face as you are capturing the paint color swatches.  Seriously, you can create swatches of anything in your world.

There are many contractor and remodel apps that attempt to do what SwatchDeck do but many fail.  Think of the app as your own personal file folder of all of the remodel paint color and materials you use on your home projects.

If you share content on Pinterest or Instagram you can create easy before and after posts, paint colors used in your home, or maybe the counter choice you made in the kitchen.  The idea is that once you document the products and materials once you never have to do it again.  Create swatches to keep your home organization all in one place.  Share your swatches as many times as you want to as many sources as you know.

Change the game of keeping track of paint colors and materials by downloading SwatchDeck today and have some fun with keeping records.  Until next time.