Lifetime Warranty House Paint

lifetime warranty exterior paint

Paint manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty on their exterior paint? What does the warranty cover?  What is the fine print?

The paint manufacturers are creating some amazing paint and coating products. The new lifetime warranty paints are somewhat misleading. The manufacturers will typically warranty their products for the life that you, the purchaser is living in the home. If the manufacturer determines that their paint product is in fact failing they will provide you with enough paint to repaint the house. This does not include any labor to prepare or paint your home.
There is a caveat here. More times than not, the paint that is failing after a new paint job, is not the newest coating that was applied. Typically, the paint that is failing is your prior layers of paint. Some might say maybe “they didn’t prep my house enough?” This could be true, but more than likely the new coating that was just applied is now working its magic and pulling on the older layers. This process is demonstrated in the diagram below. Many high quality paints have tight banding properties that will form the protective shell around your home.

When a paint warranty claim has been made with a manufacturer, a representative will come to your home and take samples of the failed paint. The representative will send the samples to their labs to analyze the millage (thickness of paint), batch number, and your previous layers of paint. Don’t expect to hear anything back for 30 to 60 days after samples have been collected. If it is determined that the paint that was applied was a faulty batch and all application procedures have been followed, and most importantly applied by a professional contractor, you will receive a voucher for the cost of new paint at some point in the future.

Just as you do when you receive your paint quotes that you receive to paint your home, make sure you take a close look at the terms and conditions of the warranty. Most paint products require two coats in order to qualify for a warranty. Some coatings like Sherwin-Williams Duration, Behr Paint Marquee, and Benjamin-Moore Aura only require one coat to qualify for the warranty because of their thickness.

These thick coating are the paints you want to avoid if you have any failing paint on your home or building. These heavy coatings will add a rapid amount of weight that your previous coatings will have to adhere to. The top coats of paint are only as strong as your base layers.  If you have a weak base layer and a strong top layer you are asking for trouble.

When you receive a quote from Painting Oregon we will work to come up with a paint specification that will last the longest on your exterior.  Just remember these three exterior house painting tips when making your paint product decision:

1. The best paint is not always the best solution.
2. More paint or primer is not necessarily a better solution.
3. Contact a professional painter to recommend a coating system for your project.