What happens next

Thank you so much for choosing Painting Oregon for your painting project.   Within 24 hours you will receive an invoice for deposit on your painting project through email.  Your deposit will secure your project on our schedule.

We have created web forms for you to fill out to let us know your preferences on scheduling and color placement for your interior or exterior painting project.

STEP 1: Click the link below to provide us your scheduling preferences for your project.

My scheduling preferences

Note: we cannot set hard dates only start weeks for exterior painting projects due to previous projects and changing weather.  Also, we must have your final color selections prior to scheduling your project.

STEP 2: Try out paint colors for your project:

Included in the cost of your painting project is four free color samples from one of our preferred suppliers.  You can choose four sample quarts or four draw downs (4″ X 6″ paint swatches with the actual paint on thick paper) to help with seeing the paint colors on your home.   Click the link below to submit the paint colors you would like as samples for your project.

Submit my sample paint colors


Now that you have seen your color selections on the walls or on bigger paint swatches you are ready to send Painting Oregon your final paint color choices.  Click the proper link below dependent on if your project is an interior or exterior painting project.

INTERIOR final color decisions

EXTERIOR final color decisions

Once you have decided on your final paint color selections we will be in contact via email confirming your project scheduling week or date.  One week prior to your project starting you will receive an email invitation to join Painting Oregon Inc’s team on Slack (web, mobile, and desktop app) once you set up a user name and password you will have a private chat room for your project with Painting Oregon staff and painters.  READ MORE HERE

STEP 4:  A brief questionnaire about our commonly asked questions.  CLICK HERE

You made it!  STEP 5: We have prepared these checklists to help you with preparations for your project.  Click on the appropriate checklist.

INTERIOR Customer preparation check list

EXTERIOR Customer preparation check list



Choosing paint colors for your home project

If you are having troubles deciding on colors for your painting project you can download our mobile app SwatchDeck for iPhone and iPad and use the paint Palette function to get some good ideas for colors in your home.  We created the app so our customers can easily choose and keep track of the paint colors used on your project today or the future.


We are excited to start your painting project and we thank you again for choosing Painting Oregon as your house painter.