Paint Delivery Portland Oregon

Paint delivery truck

Did you know that paint can be delivered to your home just like a pizza?

Although it is not advertised many major paint retailers offer free paint delivery to customers homes.  At Painting Oregon we utilize this service to cut down on time in the truck fetching new paint colors, or other painting items.  Yes, even a paint brush can be delivered to your home.  What about a ladder…of course.  In fact more times than not paint retailers can get you a better deal on ladders than major box stores, and the best part is you get it delivered!!

When you have chosen Painting Oregon as your painting contractor you will have the opportunity to choose sample quarts of paint to see your paint color ideas come to reality on your walls.  On the next steps page you can choose to pick-up the paint sample quarts or have it delivered.  This is totally up to you, but I feel that its pretty nice, not to have to go into the paint store and wait to pick up your order.

Although Painting Oregon only deals with a select few companies for paint delivery many others offer the same service.  Behr, Valspar, Glidden, PPG (through Miller Paints), and many other companies offer the same delivery options.  Although, some may have minimum order quantities and might not be able to deliver same day.  Check with your local paint store or paint dealer to find out about their delivery services.

In a prior post we talked about how we use SwatchDeck to place our orders through email.  Some stores are more on top of their email inbox than others, but we have devised a way make sure they get our orders.  In most cases we will email our order and give a quick phone call or text message to a manager to let the manager know that an order has been placed online.  In the Portland area we predominantly email almost all orders to our home paint stores.  This removes the hassle of calling, going into the store, or waiting in line.  We have comprised a list of emails that will work great for sending your orders off using SwatchDeck in the Portland area:

Painting Oregon frequently shops the following Portland Oregon Paint Stores and are great at paint delivery: (We will add more email addresses over time).

Dick’s Color Center offering Benjamin-Moore, Pratt & Lambert and many other paint manufacturers.  They are really good at checking emails but you may want to give a call to confirm that they received your paint order.  If you are using SwatchDeck to send labels of previous paint everything will work fine and you will get exact matches.
909 SE Salmon St. Portland, OR 97214
(503) 236-6919
Sherwin-Williams  you will want to call the store and let the staff know that you have placed an order for delivery.  Know that because of server blockages that images are not allowed through the email.  So if you have a label you are trying to send to the store they will not have access to it, this is true with all Sherwin-Williams.  Sherwin Williams uses a HUB system with many drivers and paint delivery vans in the Portland metro area.  This is a great paint delivery service for the organized customer or contractor.  The reason I say this is that in the busy summer months you really need to place your order the night or the day before you start a project to assure on time delivery.
30 NE Broadway St. Portland, OR 97214
(503) 288-6477
Miller Paint offers delivery and many different paint manufacturers through their many stores.
Behr Paint has only one free option for free paint delivery.  You will need to order more than 24 gallons of paint to qualify for the paint delivery service.  They can deliver all the materials you need for your project within 1-3 business days.  To set this up click on the link above and contact a Behr pro rep.  The other option for smaller orders of paint color samples or any order over $45 can be purchased through Home Depot for delivery.