Portland lead paint projects and Consulting

For over eight years Painting Oregon has been prepping and painting existing lead paint projects. Before being licensed was a state federal requirement Painting Oregon was a certified lead paint contractor in Oregon. We have learned a lot about applying the right products, and investigating causes of previous paint failures. As a company we have completed over 200 “lead peeler” repaints in our eight year existence. We have gone through 1000’s of lead paint coverall suits, hundreds of thousands feet of six mil plastic, countless number of pounds of lead paint chips, five Festool sanders, three HEPA vacuums, and more lead caution tape than I can count. We have tried many different approaches to attacking these prep beasts. We utilized a “Prep only Crew” for two years, getting lead paint peelers ready for experienced painters, opening sealed laps, scraping, and feather sanding failed areas. Through it all many employees left our company because of the hard work, dangerous dust, and other hazards associated with lead paint.

Guaranteeing Painting Oregon’s work has never been hard to do. Unfortunately, what typically happens on projects is the layers of paint that were not failing the day we arrived to do the project eventually fail causing unhappiness with our customers. Because we guarantee our work we will return and take care of the problem. Most times it’s previous paint coatings losing adhesion thus popping off of the siding, which will eventually happen on these types of homes.

I personally want to thank all of our lead paint home owner customers for allowing us to scrape, feather sand, and paint your homes. When I started Painting Oregon our motto of “Painting Oregon One House at a Time” was truly because all we could handle was one of these “lead peelers” at a time. I feel that what is best for the company and for the protection of our valued staff that we have completed enough of these type of projects.

Preparing and painting these lead based paint homes runs with a whole lot of coordination, preparation, liability for our customers as well as our team members. Training new team members on the unique Painting Oregon process of prepping these types of homes has always been a challenge and sometimes frustrating.

Given the number of circumstances surrounding these projects effective 9/1/16 Painting Oregon Inc will no longer be providing quotes on lead based paint projects. This decision did not come easy as we are limiting our customer’s projects, but for the safety of our crew we must make this decision. We will continue through the 2016 season preparing and painting quotes that have been accepted but we will no longer be providing these quotes to new customers.

We will however happily provide consulting on lead based paint projects to customers that want to assure that the contractors that are providing quotes are prepping and painting to the same quality standards. Providing consulting on these types of projects can help the home owner to know how to prep and paint a lead paint interior or exterior to protect themselves and their family from the harmful dangers of the material.  This service will be coming in early 2017.


Once again I just want to personally thank all of our customers for allowing us the opportunity to update their homes and provide our skill and expertise. The company would not be where it is without you.

All the best in 2016 and beyond.


Brad Bolinger


Painting Oregon Inc.