Preparing for your exterior paint estimate

exterior estimate checklist

“It’s all in the Prep” for your Exterior paint estimate appointment

Getting an estimate for any type of construction project can be a daunting task.  If you have never hired a professional contractor before, the bidding and estimating process can be very overwhelming.  From making phone calls or emails, scheduling contractors to come and view your project, to actually receiving the quotes….it’s a lot of work. This is why we have created this page.  We hope this helps you to get the most out of your scheduled exterior painting estimate with Painting Oregon as well as any other contractors quoting your project. The more you know and understand about your project before we arrive the quicker we can provide you with your pricing. Exterior painting projects all have the same general costs associated with them.  The cost of your estimate is directly associated with the amount of hours or labor that is required to complete your project.  By using the scope sheet below you should be able to get similar pricing from competitors.  Here’s the break down:

  • Labor to Prep=60% of the cost of your exterior project
  • Labor to Paint=20% of the cost of your exterior project
  • Paint and Materials=20% of the cost of your exterior project

At Painting Oregon we lump exterior projects into two categories: Lead (pre-1978) and Non Lead (post 1978).   Understanding the type of home you have will prepare you better for the cost associated with the project.  We created a ballpark pricing page to show you the differences in costs.   Download our free exterior project scope sheet below to hand out to painting contractors estimating your project.  By taking the time to fill this out prior to your appointments your estimators and contractors will be grateful, but more importantly you will receive quotes that have been factored using all of the same information.  As our saying goes “It’s all in the Prep” and this applies before you even receive your first quote.

Follow this guide to make sure your not wasting time with contractors and appointments:

Step 1: Ask the right questions on the phone or email when contacting and scheduling your paint estimates.

Download our “10 Questions to ask your painting contractor before you invite them to quote your project”.

Step 2: Create a scope sheet to assure the painters that are quoting your project are bidding on the same level of prep, quality of paint, line items, and any other project specific items you may have.

Download this free project scope sheet (perfect for a lead home with lap siding)

Download this free fiber cement siding project scope sheet

Step 3: Compare your quotes. Is there a description of the prep that will be done? Has the painting contractor followed your scope sheet and project requests? Are there quotes that are very low or very high? Dig in and do some research to learn what kind of prep the company will be doing on your project. Don’t settle for a quote that looks like an invoice. Get more details from the start. Typically, when a contract or quote is vague from the start it only continues through to the project. Create a grading scale for your paint quotes.

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