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This cedar sided house was in dire need of some attention when Painting Oregon arrived to begin power washing and painting.

Before painting picture of a SW Portland home

During the estimate we had spotted numerous areas of dry rot around window trims.  A few areas where siding met cornerboards were showing dry rot as well.

dryrot on siding where cornerboard meetswindow trim dry rot


We also noted extensive caulking failures around the chimney, corner boards, and butt joints of the siding.

Caulking cedar siding corner boards image image

Although we typically do not caulk butt joints on cedar lap siding, we made the decision to caulk on this project.   The reason being that the previous painters had caulked some butt joints and not others.  We wanted all areas to be consistent so we made the decision to caulk all butt joints.  The crew spent three days removing failed caulking and re-caulking using Sherwin-Williams SherMax elastomeric caulking.  We went through over 12 tubes before the house was ready for two coats of Sherwin-Williams Resilience flat.  Why not use satin sheen?  On rough cedar siding there is a lot of variation and grain that can really be highlighted with that extra shine from a satin.  It is always the customers choice as to what sheen they would like to use on thier home.  But on most rough cedar lap sided homes we reccomend a flat sheen.

We started this project on June 18th, 2015 and completed it on June 25th.  We had estimated that this exterior repaint would take six to seven days to complete, weather dependent of course.  Well, this year June was a great month to be painting outside.  We had tempertures that fluctuated from 81 degrees to 95 degrees the week we were painting this home.  We had to work our way around the house to avoid painting in the direct sunlight.  The temps definitely helped all of that caulking we did to dry fast.

This exterior paint color scheme was a real hit with the neighborhood.  The siding and the eaves of the house were painted using Sherwin-Williams Summit Gray (SW 7669), the fascia boards and window trims were painted using the custom white made for Painting Oregon, naturally called  Painting Oregon White.  The front door was painted using Tricorn Black (SW 6258) in a satin sheen.  You can see the color scheme below.
exterior paint color scheme

How much does it cost to paint a 2500 sq ft home in SW Portland?  So with a foot print of 2400 sq. ft  and the amount of prep that was required this project total cost was $6,600.

Heres a few more completion photos:

Completed exterior house paint pictures image image