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Exterior home painting in Portland Oregon requires much more than throwing paint on your walls. In Portland the average life of a professional exterior painting project is eight to nine years.  The time taken to prepare the exterior of your home prior to painting will add vital years to the life of your home and the paint job.  Painting Oregon believes that using the latest technology and the best equipment in order to prepare your home that we can add an extra five to ten years of life to your exterior house painting project.

With the proper care and maintenance a homeowner can expect that an exterior paint job can last 15 to 20 years. Although, this will require annual or bi-annual maintenance including but not limited to a soft wash of your home exterior surfaces, touch-up prep and painting, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, and many other around the home maintenance items.

Of course the old saying “You get what you pay for,” definitely applies to your home exterior and your exterior house painting cost.   When you receive estimates from multiple painting contractors in Portland thereare only two variables that will make the cost different.

prepGalleryImage-2The first is the quality of prep (labor) estimated to complete your exterior house painting. Because labor is the single largest cost of your painting project, paint quotes can vary dramatically in cost.  What this means is that the level of prep that has been quoted for will be different.   At Painting Oregon we use HEPA vacuum attached power sanders to feather sand edges of failed paint areas. Many painting contractors in Portland will simply scrape these failed paint areas and apply primer.  Just one example of understanding the details of the paint job you are being quoted for.  This type of surface preparation falls into your five to six year lifetime paint job. If you have new cement siding on your home you will pay much less than the homeowner that owns an early 1900’s home with lots of peeling lead paint.  The longer you wait to take care of your paint project the more prep that will be required, which in turn will increase the cost of your project today.  With consistent up keeping you can assure that your house painter in Portland will have less prep to complete your project.  Just remember this simple equation and you will have a good foundation of what your costs will be:  Prep=$$’s

The other variable of your exterior painting cost is the quality of the paint and materials used.   An average exterior home uses 10 to 15 gallons of paint. This should only change the cost of your paint project by a few hundred dollars, but it is dependent on the amount of paint being used. When preparing your home exterior using the best caulking and the best primers can assure that your paint project will last much longer than the average in Portland.

different qualities of paint

We pride ourselves on our thorough communication and our very detailed painting estimates. You will see items on your quote that you will not see from other painting contractors estimates.   We will outline all of the different prep, paint, primer, and materials that we will use on your exterior painting project. When you choose Painting Oregon as your Portland painting contractor you’re assured that you are getting the best value for your dollar and will receive the longest lasting paint job possible.

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