Residential Interior Painting


Interior house painting in Portland requires a high level of expertise and knowledge in order to deliver the highest quality paint project.   Painting Oregon believes that your project starts at the estimate and that the more details we know at the beginning of the painting partnership the better the results will be. Your paint estimator will spend as much time as possible to create your professional and detailed painting estimate so that you are assured that you are getting the services that you requested. When you call today to schedule an appointment for your interior painting project you’ll be asked a number of questions about the scope of your project. Your understanding of the areas that you would like painted and when you would like your painting project to occur will help our estimators to better understand your unique project situation. If you are looking for “ballpark” pricing on how much average house painting costs are in Portland please check out our pricing page to get a better idea of the costs associated with getting your home painted.


When we arrive to do your painting estimate our professional paint estimator will walk through your home and ask specific questions regarding what you would like painted. This would include walls, ceilings, trims, windows, baseboards, doors, closets, and any other surfaces inside of your home. The more you know before we arrive the more accurate our quote will be.

After you receive your quote you can click on different line items that you would like based on the requests you made to the estimator.  We feel that our paint estimates really will separate us from other house painters quotes.  You will see the details that were discussed on your digital or printed contract.

After you have decided to hire Painting Oregon ad your house painters we will schedule your painting project.   We will provide you four (4) free sample quarts of paint in order for you to learn of your color preferences. Once your final color decisions have been decided on, we will schedule your project.

Prior to your home painting start date we ask that you are available to do a walk through with your paint estimator and our operations manager. This gives us a chance to revisit your home before our professional painting team arrives. This also is a great opportunity for you to ask any specific questions about your project.

After your interior house painting project begins you will receive an update from your lead painter daily through text message, phone, or email to keep you informed on the progress of your painting project. At Painting Oregon we believe that communication paves the path to a quality paint project every time.