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Power Washing

Power washing is the first step in our system of surface preparation for your home or commercial painting project.  Painting Oregon utilizes two forms of washing to prepare our exterior painting projects for new paints and coatings.


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is our typical method of washing your home surfaces to be painted. We will use a foaming soap attachment to pre-rinse your home or commercial building with an earth friendly biodegradable detergent to start the dirt, mold, and mildew removal. Applying this soap mixture prior to pressure washing allows the active ingredients in the detergent to begin the magic process instantly. The soap does most of the work for us, which means
less high pressure washing that needs to happen on the exterior
surfaces of your home or commercial building. As professional residential and commercial painting contractors in Portland we maintain a very strict standard of surface preparation
prior to any coating application.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is another great method for preparing a home or building for exterior painting in Portland. Soft washing is a cleaning method that does not require high pressure washing. With a soft wash we again use our earth friendly soap mixture to pre-rinse the surfaces to be painted of your property. The difference in the soft wash, is that instead of high pressure washing we use scrubbing brushes to lightly agitate the soap and then rinse with low pressure water.  Our scrubbing brushes do the work of the pressure washer. This is an ideal exterior cleaning method when working with delicate surfaces such as peeling paint, dry T111 siding, or particle pressed boards such as LP siding.

After our initial paint estimate consultation our expert sales staff will advise you on the most suitable for the surface of your building or home.  Painting Oregon power washes the following types of surfaces to prepare for painting, and maintaining existing coatings.

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