Share your projects and paint colors to Pinterest


Pinterest is a great design and decorating idea exploring application. Many homeowners and professional designers use the site to create inspiration boards of great paint color and decorating ideas that they will reference to when their project begins. Because of the visual experience of the app, it only makes sense that professional paint and decorating contractors take full advantage of this social media platform.

As professional painters we see different paint color palettes all the time.  We start to get a sense of trends happening in our own areas. A homeowner that is only looking in their neighborhood does not have this same luxury. The homeowner will more than likely ask the professional painter an opinion on color selection. If you are posting your paint color schemes and pictures on Pinterest you can refer your customers to your board to get some local paint color ideas. You can capture a photo of a home you just painted, then also provide the color scheme used right from SwatchDeck.  You dont have to search for color information or pictures.  They are all right there for you.

Creating beautiful pins can be a time consuming process of gathering photos and information. This is why we added the integration with SwatchDeck. Now you can use all of the same photos and colors you already have in your SwatchDeck to post to Pinterest.  Pins created on Pinterest become search results on popular search engines.  This means that not only are you creating content for you Pinterest boards, but also online.  Watch the video below to see how we created a Before and After post of a home we just completed.

Here is another video showing how we can share a complete color scheme with an after picture of the home all from SwatchDeck.

There are many applications that will help you to create great looking Pins on Pinterest.  What is nice about SwatchDeck is that you do not have to recreate the information.  You already have it all stored by room or project, now you just need to share it.

Brad Bolinger is founder of SwatchDeck and owner of Painting Oregon, a commercial and residential painting experience provider based in Portland, Oregon. Painting Oregon has been successful through a relentless pursuit of customer communication and building of systems to make repetitive processes more efficient and automated.