Small Painting Project in Portland

primer and drywall mud over fireplace

No need for a Quote, just schedule and we show up and take care of your project!!

Are you only wanting to have one room painted in your home and having an impossible time getting a painter out to estimate your small paint project?  Sometimes the time to quote a small living room paint project or bathroom can almost cost an interior house painting company more than the quoted price.  To alleviate this process we have created our small painting project option.  Now you can schedule your own small project through the link above.  No more waiting for painters to call you back or even showing up.  Schedule your small paint project now and have it completed on time and budget.  Here’s how it works:

Click on the link above to schedule your project.

We show up and start working on your project.

How much does a small living room or small space painting project cost ?  Our small project minimum fee is $500.00

What is included in the small painting project package?

  • *8 hours of professional painting by a respectful and polite Painting Oregon painter.
  • *All materials necessary to protect areas not being painted, preparing walls before paint, and applying paint.

What is not included?  You buy the paint, we arrive and start prepping and painting your project.

Check out what you can do to prepare for you paint project.

What can be completed in eight hours of interior painting?

  • 1.) We can paint living room walls
  • 2.) Paint a small living room and ceilings
  • 3.) Touch-up baseboards and trims in an entire small space
  • 4.) Paint and prep 3-4 doors
  • 5.) Finish up your half completed paint projects
  • 6.) Prepare walls in your project and prepare for you to paint

Can I schedule multiple days of work?  Yes, you can schedule multiple days of work.  We will bill you at the end of each day.  Schedule as many days as you need to complete your projects.